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Big Data Advantage for Internet Marketing

Big data is the solution to overcome the flood of massive data nowadays. There are many kinds of data starting from a text, image or picture, video, and others. Actually, big data is a technology system that introduced to manage the information burst since the mobile internet data usage gets higher. Believe it or not, internet data and mobile tools growth have a huge impact on the arising of volume and data type significantly.

In fact, there is no exact definition of Big Data. However, its presence considers as a perfect solution to the fact the showing the data increasing from time to time is already more than the limit of the present database system and storage media. IBM itself define big data into three. Those are volume, variety, and velocity. Volume here means a very huge amount or limitless of data storage media. Variety itself means the data type that can be accommodated while velocity is the process period.

In general, I can assume that big data can be a perfect media for unlimited data storage media, ability to accommodate and process data type in a faster period. In big data, the collection of data with a huge amount will be analyzed and processed for certain need such as making prediction or decision. For a common user of internet and mobile application, big data presence may sound unfamiliar but it creates a great impact on our lives.

IT, DT and Big Data Era

Big Data Era

IT or information technology is computerization era that makes company has their own information system to record and store all of their transaction data. During this era, the hardware of computer business reaches its peak start from PC, laptop up to notebook and its peripheral. In this time, there is a lot of company that has a website even though not maximum enough. The changes of website content are only done by IT team or website administrator.

After IT era then Data Technology comes up. DT era starts from 2000 since minicomputer or gadget found such as tab, smartphone, Android and etc. Big Data itself start from 2010. During this time, everyone that use gadget can change the data. People may not conscious that they already add data every day on the internet through updating their status, uploading the photo, uploading video and doing chat in various chatting media.

We may not realize that we are sending our location and other media into the whole application of our android. It just happens by allowing them to access the application when installing it for the first time into our android. Our activity in the internet, the website that commonly visits, what are we looking at, what we buy is also becoming data in the internet world. Can you imagine how much data that creates by the whole gadget user around the world? Those series of data is what we called as Big Data.

Big data synchronize billion data and process it into data analysis that finally comes up an idea of something that is needed. Any business company that can see this chance will be able to create a new business based on people needs and requirement. Huge data that stored on the internet finally can create transportation application such as Uber or Gojek while the same chance also applies in the various field. Tour business company can use the big data to create a breakthrough with an application of tour and travel online order.

Based on the huge advantage that Big Data possibly creates then any business company can make a digital-based business that purposed to understanding human. Ask yourself, the most customer willing to have a fast, cheap and easy thing. The processing of big data will make computer machine being able to be more understand human more than the human itself. For example, a website does not only consist of company profile but also evolve into an online shop with cheaper cost. Nowadays, everyone can sell anything and do it everywhere.

Big Data Technology

Big Data Technology

Big Data guarantee the data solution processing with new or even existing variant to provide a real benefit for the business. However, the data processing with huge amount and complexity will only be a technological solution except connected with the business goal. The most important aspect of Big Data is more than technical ability to processing the data but more about the advantage that can be realized by the company by using Big Data Analytics Terminology.

To be clearer, let me provide you with the example of Big Data. It can be a huge data up to petabytes or 1,024 terabytes or exabytes or 1,024 petabytes. This concept is similar with billion up to trillion of personal note from different sources such as sales, web, customer service, social media, mobile data and etc. Unluckily, this data is not yet well structure, incomplete and not accessed.

When company faces bigger data then they get difficult to make, manipulate and manage Big Data. Big Data itself is about business analysis since the standard tools and procedure is not designed to seek and analyze massive data collection. Even retail industry and global scale manufacturer in a major country like the US can use Big Data to increase operational margin up to more than 60 percent.

Real Advantage of Data Technology on Internet Marketing Business


Every day, whole computational tools that used by human creates 2,5 quintillion byte data or 2,5 trillion trillium. From the whole stored computation data since computer found up to today around 90 percent of data is created recently. Imagine if there is 2,5 quintillion byte data that transaction by the human through machine every day and this data is not only supermassive but also unstructured and stand alone.

What will happen to this huge amount of data? Is it only becomes garbage in storage machine? Nowadays, data technology processing the data not only being a useless number but more into something useful for the human. For example is the traffic condition which is the result of geospatial data that exchanged by map user in the exact location. Not only that, the user of transportation online application can see how many drivers around their location or where is the driver location.

Google benefit from Big Data usage

To maximize the existence of Big Data, Google can achieve 924 trillion in 2014. The collection of data that updated or exchange by internet user is processed into several wearable application in Google Glass and Smartphone. Those applications are:

  • Quick disaster is natural disaster application that helps the user when and after the disaster happen. For example, google glass will help to create a solution by providing navigation on vacuation line. After the disaster happens, the user can take a picture and report the damage through the application.
  • Weaver is an application to increase driving experience. It traces how much gasoline spend, the ration of used gasoline and how much CO2 rate that resulting from each car.
  • Realive is an application to report a real-time event such as traffic accident, fire accident, and others.
  • Stress rate is an application to find out the society numbers in the certain public area.

Google has Google Bigtable which is introduced in 2006. It is a big and fast amount of database system to process various type of data from many application including data from their internet based search engine. Another example of data technology usage in Google product is Google Map.

Facebook benefits from Big Data

Facebook also has a similar database system to manage their user arise. Big Data technology makes Facebook never get any difficulties to manage the drastic arise of data presence form their 1 billion users. Big Data successfully gained profit arise up to 175 trillion in 2014.

Amazon benefit from Big Data

in fact, 47 percent of Amazon.com profit comes up from the item selling that displayed in the recommended product feature. Thi feature itself is located below our seen product description. It consists of a line of recommended product by Amazon for us. The secret is the super complex artificial intelligence inside the learning machine. This machine read our behavior inside the store that showing through clique and our heat map.

The data will be synchronized with our profile, location, hobby, job, income, social media behavior and etc. The artificial intelligence is not only trying to understand who we are but also other million customers with a similar profile or behavior as us. Data get synchronize and processed. The output is recommended product with its main goal to provide the right item to the right people based on our data and other billion of people.

If you are a business company then you must use the existing Big Data as the key to understand customer, doing a measured improvement and finding new chances. In fact, the customer is already explained what they want through million of data that transacted through the computational tool. This is the era where the standard of product needs will be made by the customer. The winner is a business company who has the best data technology. Learn from the biggest store in the world like Amazon or the biggest search engine like Google to find the true needs of our customer. Stop producing a product that you think will be suitable for customer need but seek more on customer expectation based on Big Data to create something that customer really need is the real advantage of Big Data.

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