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Guidelines for Writers

1,Types of content accepted

1.1.Original content about local business stories and tips.
1.2.Content about Web marketing, analytics are most welcome.

2,Post Guidelines

2.1.Post length

2.1.1.Articles length is required to be at least 1,500 words.

2.1.2.You are welcome to write as long as you want but do remember that content matters. Reader would not enjoy and would not come back for more if the content did not provide the best information.

2.2.Rules of writing

2.2.1.Use Headers and sub headers to have help reader to have a big picture of your content and convince them to read the post.
2.2.2.Use Numbered lists or bullet-pointed lists to help reader understand your content quickly.
2.2.3.Use bold text to emphasis and highlight important sentences.
2.2.4.Use capital letter only for specific noun. Please avoid writing in capital letter because it’s hard to read.
2.2.5.Use punctuation such as full stops, commas, dashes and colons to break each paragraph into smaller pieces of information. It will help your reader to understand your content in shorter time.
2.2.6.Avoid long paragraph.

2.3.Image Source

2.3.1.You are recommended to use image to enhance articles.
2.3.2.Credit the source of image and do not reproduce the image without permission.
2.3.3.Images that are “public use” according to Creative Commons licensing such as: Advanced Image Search allows you use filter results by usage rights (e.g., free to use or share):

2.3.4.Accepted File Types are .jpg .jpeg .png .gif.

2.4.Citing sources

2.4.1.You are required to cite sources for data, sources of facts or direct quotations.


2.5.1.You are recommended to provide references link on your content for as further information.

2.6.Your credibility

2.6.1.Help your reader to understand who you are will help that to know that you can add value to their carrier by reading your post. Along with a piece of image of yourself would be great!


3,Submission guidelines

3.1.Editing of Post

Make sure links embedded to help reader to
Use bold text to emphasis and highlight important sentences. Do Please avoid to use italic because it’s hard to read.

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