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Organization name Web Analytics Consultants Association (WACA)
Representative Director Toshiaki Ejiri
Address Singapore office
105 Cecil Street, The Octagon #07-01, 069534 Singapore

Japan office
Nishishinjuku ST Bldg. 3F, 8-14-19 Nishishinjuku,
Shinjuku-Ku,Tokyo 160-0023

Contact(Singapore) Tel: +65 3157 5133
E-Mail: support@waca.sg
Organization Overview Our mission is to promote and raise the overall level of the web analytics industry by continuously creating opportunities for people to learn, discuss, and pass on their web analytics knowledge. We aim to create a community through web analytics which will drive business success, research and development, personal career development, and employment opportunities.
URL https://www.waca.associates/en/

Web Analytics Consultant Code of Conduct

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Handling of Personal Information

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Representative Director

Toshiaki Ejiri

President of Kan Corporation

Society for the Web Advertising, Site Mesurement Utilization Research WG Leader


Hiroshi Sasaki (Professor, Department of Business Administration, Rikkyo University)
Atsushi Ehara (Professor, Network Information Department, Senshu University)
Takeshi Nakao (Associate Professor, Department of Science and Technology, Iwaki Meisei University)
Hiroshi Kurata (Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration,
SANNO Institute of Management)
Sae SADA (Web Analytics Consultant Master)


Yutaka Fukaya (CPA)


Tsuyoshi Moriguchi (Professor, Department of Commercial Science, Waseda University)