2012年に Meta Platforms社へ買収され、Facebookとの連動性や共通の広告管理画面など、Facebookとの関連性が多い点も特徴です。幅広い年代層に利用者が拡大していて、なかでもオシャレ感を重視する若年層や女性に人気の高いメディアです。Twitterと同様、個人、組織などで取得の方法が変わることはありません。


Number of users
・Global: More than 1 billion people (as of October 2020)
・Domestic: 33 million people (as of June 2019)

Social media is based on the posting of creative materials such as photos and videos, and has a characteristic that emphasizes visual appeal, such as fashion and Instagrammability.
It was acquired by Meta Platforms in 2012, and is also characterized by its many connections with Facebook, such as integration with Facebook and a common ad management screen. The number of users is expanding to a wide range of age groups, and this media is particularly popular among young people and women who value fashion. As with Twitter, the acquisition method does not change for individuals or organizations.
If you want to make full use of it for your business, you will need to switch your settings to a professional account after you have an account.
If you set up a professional account, you can display directions to your store and contact information. In addition, Instagram Insights features reach (number of unique customers contacted), impressions (number of exposures), shares (number of times a post was shared via DM), and saves (number of times a post was saved by a customer). You can check detailed information such as

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