企業がビジネスとして発信を行う場合、専用のFacebookページを開設する必要があります。 作成する際は、事前に管理者の個人アカウントの取得が必要です。


Number of users
・Global: 2.93 billion people (as of July 2022)
・Domestic: 26 million people (as of July 2019)

Facebook is a SNS that requires users to use their real names. Similar to offline (real), it is characterized by the fact that users communicate with each other using their real names online as well.
It has a larger number of users globally than Twitter or Instagram, and is also unique in that it allows users to share a variety of information such as link introductions, photos/videos, and long text posts.
If a company wants to communicate as a business, it is necessary to open a dedicated Facebook page. When creating one, you need to obtain a personal account for the administrator in advance.

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