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SiTest / an All-in-one Analytics Tool Developed in Japan for Website Improvement


SiTest―an All-in-one Analytics Tool Developed in Japan for Website Improvement

・What is SiTest?

SiTest is a web application for website analysis and improvement. Developed in Japan, it is currently used by more than 300,000 websites. SiTest integrates with Google Analytics and other analytic tools and can be used as a complement. SiTest will provide a per-page analysis where Google Analytics will give a more macro view of a website. SiTest is easy to install, it requires to add just one line of javascript on your existing website.
SiTest is feature rich, it includes Heatmap analysis, A/B testing, Landing Page Optimization (LPO) and Entry Form Optimization (EFO)
Equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), SiTest employs machine learning to study the users’ on-site behavioral data and can produce a report where standard deviation indicates the site’s usability. SiTest has an AI analysis feature, where a usability report will be generated from visitor’s data.



Heatmap Analysis

There are eight functions related to heatmap analysis. Heatmap analysis can be further broken down into 8 different features. The functions include ones that visualize the browser scrolling as well as the area of a page that was looked at – determined by mouse cursor locations – in addition to one that reproduces the scenes of clicks and mouse movements in a video clip. SiTest also works on mobile devices.

Amongst these feature, you can see a heatmap generated from visitor’s mouse data, or one from visitor’s scrolling data.
SiTest also generates separately heatmaps from visitor’s mobile devices’ data.


Custom segmentation is a featured function that lets you filter the data based on a user’s system environment or actions. Custom segmentation is a feature that enables you to filter heatmap data based on visitor’s characteristics (country of origin, device size, repeat visitor…)
You can select up to five segments and display their heatmaps for your comparison and verification. You can compare up to five different user segments


Sitest comparison feature allows you to show a before after based on two different periods.


There will be more detailed information in a follow up article.


A/B Testing and LPO

You can conduct an A/B test by partially altering an original website page. SiTest enables you to person simply A/B testing on a page. Traditionally, a different version of an HTML file is coded and uploaded, and then the traffic is allocated by redirecting the URL. Normally A/B tests are performed by creating a second version of a page and then splitting the web traffic between the old and the new page version. You do not need to create the different version of the HTML file if you use SiTest. With SiTest, you just need to edit your page with a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get type editor to make a new page version. You can easily change layout, replace images or change style or content of your page.


In an A/B test, several patterns are randomly selected and displayed to determine the winner/loser for conversion rates. With LPO, you can set custom conditions to display which version will be shown to your visitor.

By using A/B testing on a landing page, you can optimize conversion and thus reduce cost of your advertising campaign.
Inspecting heatmaps of A/B tests will give you insights into how to improve your A/B tests.



Forms are very important elements of the conversion process for a website. It is estimated that 60% of conversion drop-off occur on forms and shopping carts.


The EFO features aims at reducing drop-off from forms, thus giving you leverage to improve your conversion rate. EFO will show form input errors in real time, preventing them to leave after several unsuccessful form attempts.


・How SiTest is Used

I will show you how SiTest is used by Japanese users.

They first check on the overall state of their websites by using Google Analytics and SiTest’s AI reports.


Do you know your important pages for gaining conversions? In many cases, those pages, such as a landing page, home page, or input page, are on the path you must lead your users through to get conversions. They first look at those important pages on heatmaps. Setting the scroll rate as a KPI, they see how many users browse the pages with interest. If they have their branding strategies or campaigns in place, scroll rates and attention spans are also important on top of PV counts and session durations. When they find areas that require improvements on the pages, they conduct an A/B test, and do not modify the websites. On SiTest, even those marketers who do not know HTML can easily change the creatives on a website. By repeating A/B tests, they can keep raising the performance of their websites.


・Implementation Process

First, please go to and send your inquiry by clicking on the “FREE TRIAL” button.


Login information will be sent to you. Once you open an account, you can log on to SiTest and receive your tracking code. Be sure to place the tracking code on every page of your website above the </body> tag.


SiTest has a monthly subscription system. For 500$ a month you get analysis for 100,000 page views. If you are interested and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Corporate Site


SiTest (Japan Site)

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