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DocoDoco JP is an API service with a database where various types of information are mapped to IP addresses of Internet users.


An IP address is a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each electronic device, such as a PC and smartphone. As such it uses the Internet protocol to communicate over a network. DocoDoco JP enables you to obtain company, location, and system environment information through an IP address.

DocoDoco JP’s data is mapped to an IP address and is researched, verified, and updated on a daily basis by designated staff at Geolocation Technology Inc., which manages DocoDoco JP. As a result, you can always receive the latest information.


There are many cases where businesses receive no inquiries at all even though websites have been created, and listing ads are being run.

Because of such experiences, some businesses may give up on their websites as being ineffective.


Strategies and tactics for marketing with websites tend to become abstract because you cannot see the faces of those in your audience. Therefore, only concrete figures―such as an inquiry count―that are easy to understand can be used to evaluate a website. Because of low figures, some businesses may create new websites and then end up raising their costs.


DocoDoco JP makes your web marketing more concrete and effective because it visualizes the diverse information regarding site visitors.

There are many kinds of information you can obtain through an IP address, but there are mainly two patterns when using DocoDoco JP.


  • Access Analysis Based on Corporate Information

If you use DocoDoco JP, you can identify the names of companies and their attributes.

You can use this feature for your outbound sales activities, for example, by listing up the users who visited your site.


The feature enables you to make timely and precise proposals to your prospects because you can see corporate behaviors as to what company viewed which page for how many times by how many staff within the company.


Furthermore, you can dramatically raise your work efficiency by scoring your business approaches according to their importance or priority based on the page views or behaviors of the users.

Also, you can automate your corporate lead generation by integrating your DocoDoco JP account with marketing automation or CRM systems.



  • Content Marketing

You can optimize your website using DocoDoco JP’s evaluation scores.

For example, you can switch the site’s contents so that the closest matching information is rendered according to the accessing users’ location information, or you can render corporate-targeted information if access is from a corporate IP address.

You can optimize your emails or advertisements, as well, based on corporate attributes by integrating a marketing automation system into your DocoDoco JP account.


If you use the “My Data” function on DocoDoco JP, you can register your own data for your existing customers, new clients, or competitors, to name a few. With this function, you can promote your business to raise a per customer purchase price, targeting your existing customers; or you can avoid displaying your campaigns or new product information if your competitors access your website.

Information dissemination according to the users who accessed the site will enhance the positive effects of all content marketing.



DocoDoco JP can currently identify 100 or more types of information per IP address.

It depends on you what data to use and how to use it for the promotion of your products and services.

The potential gain in the positive effects is abundant because you can see your online users’ detailed information that you could not see before.

You can use the same database from the status analysis to the placement of campaign, so you can accurately measure and evaluate the effects of your web marketing.

It is an utmost pleasure for marketers to appreciate that their own marketing effort is producing positive results day by day presented in a visual format.



In addition, DocoDoco JP has been increasingly utilized in the security field in recent years.

It is used to identify unauthorized access, illuminate illegal online behaviors that previously could not be prevented, fend off unauthorized account uses for online banking or games, or investigate cybercrimes.



Thus, DocoDoco JP still has undiscovered potential.

The simple and freely customizable service system can be applied to a wide range of fields in a rapidly changing Internet world.

We constantly work to improve quality through our continuous research.


In a new service called DocoDoco JP Market Place, we are planning to map not only information gathered by us but also data held by other companies.

Through this new service, a large amount of information held by many companies can be freely shared with those who need it.

Please look forward to our future development of DocoDoco JP Market Place as we collaborate with many companies to provide a solution for the current issues of data or information shortages in many enterprises.


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