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WACA Sponsored IRX (Internet Retailing Expo) Indonesia Event

WACA sponsored IT event – IRX Indonesia 2018 Event being held in Jakarta Indonesia. WACA had set up a booth at the event. Founder of WACA, Mr. Toshiaki Ejiri gave a speech on web analytics and Web Analytics Consultants Association.

Left: Mr. Toshiaki Ejiri during his speech; Right: Scenery of Jakarta

The event took place on 24-25th January for 2 days at 5-star hotel – Pullman Central Park Hotel Jakarta. Around 1,000 visitors came to the event and it ended with great success.

Scene of IRX Indonesia event

Since it was Internet Retailing Event, majority of exhibitors and visitors are expected to come from eCommerce company. However, most of exhibitors are from companies who provided customer data analytics tool, business tool, logistics and start-up. As for WACA, it was good to know that many of the exhibitors and visitors are interested with web analytics.  

Founder of WACA, Mr. Toshiaki Ejiri gave a 20-minute speech on “Why should we learn web analytics?” at “Tech talk stage”.

Speakers are from various industry. However the speech of Mr. Toshiaki Ejiri managed to attract a lot of attentions from visitors WACA is the only provider of web analytics education and training from Japan. This make WACA is unique compared to other speakers.

Mr. Toshiaki Ejiri during the speech

For those visitors who stopped by WACA booth, WACA gave them original novelty goods such as pocket notebook, tote bag, sticker and Japanese famous chocolate.  

Waca booth

Many Visitors checked on WACA official textbook to know more about WACA curriculum. A few of them bought WACA official textbook. Some of them use GA and recommended WACA textbook to people who wants to learn about data analysis. WACA feel that Indonesia is a very good potential market to expand WACA training program.

Waca Staff with event’s mascot



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