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Web Analytics Bootcamp in Ho Chi Minh


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Are you seeking a new direction? You have a great business idea but you aren’t getting enough traffic or enough conversions? Seeking a career change and want to get into the field of Digital Marketing?

This 2 days hands-on guided class will let you learn WHY visitors are not converting, WHAT pages generate interest, HOW to measure ROI of your paid campaigns and more. Be one of the 18,000+ who have benefited from this training.

Leaning OutcomeDay1 TopicsDay2 Topics
  • Understand Web Analytics Techniques
  • Master Google Analytics Operations
  • Improve User Experience on Your Website
  • Increase Online and Offline Conversion
  • Recommend Solutions from Web Data Insights
  • Prepares you to take Google Analytics & Associate Web Analytics Certifications


Introduction to Web Analytics

  • The Digital World
  • Web Analytics The Framework
  • Google Analytics The Tool
  • What is Web Analytics
  • PDCA Continuous Improvement

How Google Analytics Works

  • Google Analytics Platform
  • Google Essential Terminology
  • Setup and Manage Accounts
  • Setting Up Filters
  • Setting Up Goals
  • Lab Practical

Google Analytics Data Collection

  • Data Collection Overview
  • Tracking Code Implementation
  • Setup Event Tracking
  • Setup Campaign UTM Tagging
  • Users, Sessions and Interactions
  • Lab Practical
  • Class Exercise – Calculating Session Duration

How to Navigate Google Analytics Reports

  • Navigate Report Overview
  • Navigate Audience Report
  • Navigate Acquisition Report
  • Navigate Adwords Report
  • Navigate Behaviour Report
  • Navigate Conversion Report
  • Lab Practical


Why Business Analysis

  • The 3C Marketing Framework
  • What is Communication Design
  • Learn about Customer Journey
  • Macro and Micro Tools

KPI and Planning

  • What is KPI, KGI, KSF
  • Four Types of Website KPI
  • Macro and Micro Conversion
  • Case Study

Designing a Blueprint

  • Design A Measuring Plan
  • ​Design A Infrastructure Plan
  • Understand Log File Analytics Platform
  • Understand Packet Sniffing Analytics Platform
  • Understand Page Tagging Analytics Platform
  • Data Collection Problem
  • Create and Implement a Blueprint

Analyzing Trends

  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Segmentation and Context
  • Google Advanced Segment
  • Google Secondary Dimensions
  • Web Server Log Files
  • Web Server Status Codes
  • Class exercise – Analysing Metrics

Analyzing Traffic or Referrers

  • Why Traffic is important
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • Basic Pay Per Click – Google Adwords
  • Social, Email and Referrer
  • Class Exercise – Ad Effectiveness

Analyzing Content

  • Why Content is Important
  • Funnel Strategy and KPI
  • Landing Page Optimization (LPO) A/B testing
  • Entry Form Optimization (EFO)
  • Case Study
  • Class Exercise – Bounce rate and exit rate

Report and Dashboard

  • Good Web Analytics Reporting
  • Effective Report Writing
  • Develop Logic in Reporting
  • Google Report Sampling
  • Google Custom Report
  • Google Dashboard / Data Studio


Trainer’s Profile

Mike Lim (WACA Certified Web Analytics Master)
Mike is proficient in than 100 web and social media analytic tool worldwide.He is a firm believer of Social Sales – A streamlined process of driving sales from Social Media. He is focused on delivering tangible value (Sales) to his clients and making his service a sustainable one for his clients. He has never stopped learning since he graduated with an Engineering Degree, bagging another Diploma in Technopreneurship.

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