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Schedule of AWAC and SWAC webinar (June-August)

June-August Schedule of AWAC and SWAC webinar are fixed.

Schedule are below:

AWAC webinar

  1. 20180625 (Mon) 4pm-6pm Sign up here
  2. 20180714 (Sat) 1pm-3pm Sign up here
  3. 20180714 (Sat) 8pm-10pm Sign up here
  4. 20180815 (Wed) 8pm-10pm Sign up here

SWAC webinar

  1. SWAC Webinar June-July
    Day 1 June 20 (Wed) SG Time 8pm-10pm
    Day 2 July 4 (Wed) SG Time 8pm-10pm
    Sign up here
  2. SWAC Webinar July-August
    Day 1 July 28 (Sat) SG Time 2pm-4pm
    Day 2 August 11 (Sat) SG Time 2pm-4pm
    Sign up here
  3. SWAC webinar August
    Day 1 August 13 (Mon) SG Time 8pm-10pm
    Day 2 August 27 (Mon) SG Time 8pm-10pm
    Sign up here

For further enquiries, you may contact us.
WACA Pte. Ltd.
Work Central Singapore Shopping Centre,
190 Clemenceau Avenue, #06-01, Singapore 239924

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